All existing directors of a company, registered Australian body, registered foreign company,
or a director of corporate trustees of an SMSF are required to apply for a director
identification number (director ID) by 30 November 2022…so act now! If you are a director of
an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander corporation (CATSI), you have an additional 12
months to apply to 30 November 2023.

To be clear, if you are currently a director, or plan to become one in the next 12 months,
you’ll need a director ID.

Directors must apply for their director ID personally – we as your tax agent cannot apply on
your behalf, but we can help you understand the new requirement, if you need to apply, and
by when. Beat the rush and get your director ID online today.

A director ID is a unique 15-digit identifier that all directors or people intending to become
directors must apply for. It’s free to apply and you only need to apply once – you keep your
director ID forever. A director must apply for their own director ID and verify their identity
using their personal records.
The fastest way to apply for a director ID is online at Australian Business Registry Services
(ABRS website – ).

To access the online application, use the myGovID app with at least a standard identity
strength to log in to ABRS Online.
Before you start your online application, make sure you have your personal identity
documents at hand. Most applicants use the following documents:

  • bank account details (where your tax refunds or payments are made and received)
  • an ATO notice of assessment.

In addition, you can also use:

  •  APRA fund account details (SMSF details are not accepted)
  • a dividend statement
  • a Centrelink payment summary
  • a PAYG payment summary (this is different to your income statement or your PAYG
    instalment activity statement).

When you receive your director ID, you must pass it on to the record-holder in your company
or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation. This might be your company secretary,
another director, a contact person or an authorised agent of the company.

There is no requirement to provide your director ID to the Australian Securities and
Investments Commission (ASIC) unless they request you to do so.

The government estimates that more than 500,000 directors are yet to apply with only a
month before the deadline.

Director ID Action Plan

1. Determine if you are a director: 

  • Are you a director or eligible officer of:
  • a company, registered Australian body, or registered foreign company under
    the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act)
  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation registered under
    the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act).

2. Determine your due date
Date you first become a director                                            Date you must apply

On or before 31 October 2021                                                   By 30 November 2022
Between 1 November 2021 and 4 April 2022                          Within 28 days of appointment                                                          From 5 April 2022                                                                         Before appointment

3. Apply
Log into ABRS online using your myGovID

4. Supply 
Pass your Director ID onto the record-holder in your company or Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander corporation.